Clubs & Extra-Curricular Activities/Lessons

Please click on the link below to view all the before, lunchtime and after school clubs available to pupils throughout the school in the Autumn term 2017.

School Clubs Autumn 2017

As well as the activities shown in the table above, the children at Ben Rhydding Primary School also take part in various inter-school sports activities. To view the sports fixtures and results, click on the ‘Parents’ tab at the top of the homepage and then click on ‘Sports Fixtures and Results’.


On Wednesdays Miss Kelly and Mrs Leach conduct our choir sessions. The sessions are held in the school hall and available for all our pupils in both Key Stage one and two. The performing school choir is made up from pupils who attend the choir but put their names forward to attend additional choir sessions in order to learn the additional songs. We currently have about sixty members of the choir. We learn songs for the Harvest Festival and Christmas Carol Concert. We also take part in the Wharfedale Music Festival and National Sing Up Day. If you would like to join please let Miss Kelly or Mrs Leach know.

Learn to Rock
Private Learn to Rock lessons are available for children who are keen to learn the drums, keyboard or singing. There is currently a waiting list for the lessons.

On Mondays we have woodwind lessons with Ms.Redding. We learn how to play the flute, clarinet and saxophone. We get a music book and you learn how to play a tune each week. We work towards exams and we gain music medals. Some lessons are on your own, some lessons are taught in small groups. The lessons have a fee.

On Wednesdays we have guitar lessons with Mr Sweet. We learn new music pieces and in Year 6 you can work towards exams. The lessons are taught in a small group and you have to pay for the lessons.

On Wednesdays we also have strings lessons (cello, violin, viola) with Mrs Briggs. We work towards exams and how to play new music pieces. The lessons can be taught 1 to 1 or in a small group, you have to pay for the lessons.

On Thursdays we have an opportunity to have private piano lessons. These lessons are paid for by our parents. We work towards piano exams as well as learning tunes for fun. These lessons are taught by Mr.Kitchen.