Our Curriculum

Curriculum Statement

At Ben Rhydding Primary School we provide a broad, balanced creative curriculum that is challenging, exciting and thought provoking for all learners. This curriculum offers different routes to a wealth of learning opportunities, making learning at our school an active rather than passive journey.

Our creative curriculum encourages the development of thinking, questioning, global-mindedness and motivated individuals. We recognise the fundamental importance of developing personal learning skills and therefore we place emphasis on learning through problem-solving, investigation, research, evaluation and analysis. We offer the children opportunities to demonstrate original ideas through the use of imaginative thought.

We are committed to offering this 21st Century Curriculum to our children in order to promote an enjoyment and an enthusiasm for learning that engages all pupils in the learning process thus enabling each child to strive towards maximising their potential and allowing them to inspire each other.

In school teachers use the Abacus Maths scheme as well as the Lancashire Grids as a basis for their planning. All resources provide a basis for planning and are not used in isolation.

In school we use a variety of reading books to teach reading, the main scheme being Oxford Reading Tree.

In EYFS we use Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds to teach Phonics. The reading scheme we use across school is Oxford Reading Tree but a wide range of books are used in EYFS to stimulate and engage children in reading.

In school we use a range of resources to teach literacy rather than following one scheme of work. This allows teachers to link Literacy to topic work, use the interests of pupils and current events.

Curriculum Planning & Expectations

Please click on the year group pages below to view long term plans and information booklets for parents around the new National Curriculum 2014.

Click here to view Key Stage 2 RE Long Term Planning

Click here for Overview of Foreign Languages taught in Key Stage 2

Click here to view the Bradford Locally Agreed Syllabus for RE 2011-2016 that is followed by Ben Rhydding Primary School.


KS1 Curriculum 2017

Lower KS2 Curriculum 2017

Upper KS2 Curriculum 2017