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On this page you will find lots of information about our learning, dates for diaries, useful websites and resources.

Below is a summary of the learning which has taken place in the classroom this week.

This week we have continued our learning on superheroes. The children have been designing their own super hero and describing what their super hero looks like and the powers they have. They have painted pictures and designed their own super hero vehicle.

On Thursday, we went to Nell Bank. The children completed a habitat trail with their buddy. The Reception class then did some activities based on the story ‘We are going on a bear hunt.’ The children were given a Nellbanian Bear to look after. They built houses from sticks and leaves for their bear and then we went on a bear hunt. The children finished the day pond dipping and playing on the adventure climbing frame.



The children have been introduced to Learnology and the Learning Heroes we have in school. They are Reggie Relationships, Richard Resilient, Rosie Ready, Ronnie Resourceful and Rachel Reflective.

The children have been introduced to Rachel Reflective. She is good at knowing herself; what she is good at and what she needs to get better at. Rachel is good at improving her work, by checking what she has done and seeing if she can make it better. She is also reflective as she thinks about what she has learnt.

Our Learning Hero for this week is…. Everyone! For being fantastic this week!


Circle Time

Talking about what we did at the weekend.



In phonics children have been learning all about letters and sounds. The children have been learning that each letter has a name and makes a sound (a phoneme). When the sounds are blended together they form words (e.g. c-a-t =cat). A digraph is two letters that go together to make one sound and a trigraph is three letters that go together to make one sound.

This week we have revisited the letters s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, r, u, h b, f, ff , l, ll, ss, j, v, x, y, zz, qu, sh, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, oa and oo (long and short sounds), ar, or, igh, ur, ow, oi, ear, air and er.

This week we have focused on writing our tricky words and using them in sentences.

The children have been recognising the tricky words (common exception words) I, the, no, to, go, into, he, she, me, we, was, are, they, be, you, my, all, said, have, like, so, do, some, come, out, were, what, there, little, one, when, oh, their, people, Mr and Mrs.

Writing phase 2, 3 and 4 tricky words and using the words in sentences.



The children have been learning to represent the sounds they have been learning. The written representation is called a grapheme. The children are learning pre cursive script, where all letters start from the line. Letter formation guides will be given out at the phonics evening but if you would like more letter formation guides, at any point of the year, please ask.


Shared Reading

The children have been listening to stories and developing their comprehension skills by answering questions about the story and characters. The children have been learning that we have fiction and non-fiction books and the difference between them. They know that the information on the back of a book is called a blurb and the job of the author and illustrator and how their roles differ. The children have been learning about thought and speech bubbles. They have been introduced to inverted commas (speech marks) and they know that they mean a character is talking.

This week the children have been reading fiction books about Superheroes.

When reading fiction stories the children have been making predictions about what the stories could be about and what could happen next. They have been talking about the characters and how they feel throughout the stories and saying what they have liked about the books and why.



Daily calendar – talking about the days of the week, months of the year, the seasons and the weather.

The children have been counting to 100 and backwards from 20.

The children have been counting in twos with Lenny Lemur and in tens with Benny Badger.

The children have been counting in fives with Monty and Mable Monkey.

Learning the number bonds to 10.

Knowing one more or one less than a given number.

This week we have revisited our learning on subtraction. The children have been solving subtraction calculations using count back method and taking away from a group.



Parachute games



Listening games and tapping out rhythms.

Children have been composing their own music and learning songs about summer.



The children have access to a wide range of provision (indoors and outdoors) throughout the day where they can develop their own learning and interests, problem solve and work together.


Dates for diaries



Stay and Play dates – 9am to 10:15am



Show and Tell rota



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