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On this page you will find lots of information about our learning, dates for diaries, useful websites and resources.

Below is a summary of the learning which has taken place in the classroom this week.

This week we have continued our learning on feelings (using The Colour Monster book). We have focused on the feelings happy and sad. The children have been talking about what makes them happy and what makes them sad. They have also been talking about what they can do if they feel sad and how they can cheer themselves up. We have also been thinking about alternative words to describe these feelings such as being cheerful, positive, excited, upset, miserable, unhappy and gloomy.

The children have been colour mixing with the paints. They started with white and added a little bit of a dark colour each time to see what would happen.


This will start after half term. We have five Learning Heroes, who have different learning skills, which help them be a good learner. They are Reggie Relationships, Richard Resilient, Rosie Ready, Ronnie Resourceful and Rachel Reflection. Each half term we will focus on a different learning hero.

Circle Time

The children talked about something they did at the weekend.


In phonics children have been learning all about letters and sounds. The children have been learning that each letter has a name and makes a sound (a phoneme). When the sounds are blended together they form words (e.g. c-a-t =cat).

Learning about the letters s, a, t and p.

The children have been thinking about words that begin with the above sounds. They have been matching objects to the initial sound / grapheme (the written letter).

The children have been sound talking (segmenting and blending) cvc words with the above sounds in, for example, sat becomes s-a-t sat.

We have talked about capital / upper case letters and that we used them at the start of our names.


The children will learn how to form the letters s, a, t and p starting from the line.

We teach the pre-cursive script.

Shared Reading

We have been reading stories and talking about the character’s feelings.


Each day we complete our daily calendar and we talk about the day, date, month, year, season and what the weather is like.

The children have been counting forwards and backwards to / from 20.

The children have also been thinking about number one and what one means. They have been learning about first and first position.

The children have been learning about the types of shapes we have. There are 2D (flat) shapes and 3D (solid) shapes. We have had a focus on the circle. Children have been describing the circle as having one round / curved side. They have been talking about why a shape is a circle and why a shape is not a circle.


This week we played some movements games and thought about different ways we could move.

We have been working on ball skills. The children have been throwing and catching a ball to themselves and to a partner. They have been bouncing a ball to themselves and to a partner. They have also been rolling a ball to a partner.

Music, songs and rhymes

We have continued to sing the song  ‘How are you?’

Singing call and response songs with Miss Head, experimenting with changing pitch and timbre (high, low, loud and soft).

Learning our Harvest song – Big Red Combine Harvester.


The children have access to a wide range of provision (indoors and outdoors) throughout the day where they can develop their own learning and interests, problem solve and work together.


Dates for diaries

Stay and Play dates – 9am to 10:00am

Show and Tell Rota

House Aire – Friday 12th November

House Nidd – Friday 19th November

House Swale – Friday 26th November

House Wharfe – Friday 3rd December


Useful websites