Science Day 2019 – Wednesday 20th March

At Ben Rhydding we have been running ‘House Science Days’ for 5 years now.

They are very successful because the whole school are away from their normal curriculum lessons and celebrating the wonder of science together across school! 

The other bonuses are:

  • they work in mixed age groups which encourages peer-tutoring
  • teamwork and nurturing pupils
  • they do child-led investigations which enable them to explore the wonder of science; they get out of their classrooms and they have a lot of memorable fun!

In 2019, we want to extend our remit to try to involve STEM ambassadors under a theme of ‘Engineering’ – seeing as it is the British Science ‘Year of the Engineer’.

We would love for STEM ambassadors to be involved at Ben Rhydding because, we want to make our curriculum link to the real world:  inspire these young minds with ideas to ignite their own ambitions; break down gender stereo types to allow girls to open their minds to engineering as a viable and exciting career choice and allow them an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding as to how ‘real life things’ work.