Sports Premium

The Sports premium funding at Ben Rhydding Primary School has been used to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of pupils so that they develop healthy lifestyles.

Playing sport helps to keep children healthy and is good for communities. Playing sport at school or in a local club is also the first step to competition at the highest level, which helps improve our reputation as a sporting nation, and contributes to economic growth.

The funding total lump sum awarded for 2016/17 was £8,935.

The grant is used to ensure that all children have the opportunity to participate and engage in a broad range of improved sporting activities regardless of their sporting ability. In order to enable them to do this, PE activities will be delivered by well-trained confident staff supported with the quality resources needed to achieve our objectives.

Sports Participation Ben Rhydding Primary School

Ilkley Grammar School Leagues allow for 246 units of participation in the Primary League (basketball, football, swimming, handball, netball) and 180 in the astro football league (assuming 9 players for each fixture) so a total of 426 opportunities for children to compete and participate. Plus all the in school sporting activities before, at lunchtime and after school means that Ben Rhydding Primary School provides over 1,000 chances per year to take part in sporting events!

The Sports Premium was targeted to fund the following.

Evolve PE and specialist sport support and coaching      £5850.00
IGS sports leagues      £2000.00
Active playtime resources      £500.00
Extra-curricular sports club and curricular resources      £400.00
Coordinator training      £185.00
Total     £8935.00

For a detailed report on how the funding was used and the impact of this please follow the link:

Sports Premium Impact Report 2016-2017

Sports Premium Impact Report 2015-16